Monday, September 3, 2012

Guess Who Finally Took Pictures For My Blog? Me it was me I'm updating finally

My entire collection. Hard to get it all in one shot, haha.
Another attempt at the whole collection.
A group shot from the flank.
These are the models that I have fully painted, I mean 100% done. Cadians with green armor and grey BDUs, and my Ice World Guardsmen. Most of the rest of my army IS painted, just... not to this colour scheme. A whole lot of Cadians still need grey BDUs, as seen in this next picture, my painted models that require further work:
See? Most of them fully painted to my old scheme. Gonna take a bit of effort to update them all, but not as much as it'll take for the following group:
Entirely unpainted.
Anyways, here's some more close-ups of my Ice Worlders:
Man I love these guys. I've got a whole bunch of Cadian bitz. I'm going to build about 75 more of these guys once I can afford the other neccessary parts, and use the 45-odd spare cadian bodies I've got to build some Mordians/Praetorians. Can never have enough infantry.

 Anyways, the final count is 305 small infantry base models, and I want to say 30-something heavy weapons, 9 Leman Russes (one not pictured), 3 chimeras, 1 basilisk, and 3 sentinels.

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